Application FSA Committee 2022-2023


If you are interested in joining a FSA committee we kindly ask you to apply before the deadline. You can apply by handing in your CV and a pdf with a ranking of the four committees you like the most. We will invite you for an interview with two of our board members. The committees are formed before Friday the 17th of September. All candidates will be informed on Saturday the 18th or Sunday the 19th of September.

Do you want to receive more information about the different committees before you apply? We totally understand! Don’t hesitate to email to [email protected] for more information or to plan an informal coffee meeting to explore the possibilities for you at the FSA. During this meeting we will shortly discuss the FSA in general, all the committees and answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you soon!

EventMonthCommittee MembersHours/week
Asset Management TourNovember14
Amsterdam Investment CruiseApril34
Business Orientation DaysOctober3/46-8
Consultancy ClubMonthly23
Data Science CompetitionMay24
FSA Marketing & MasterclassWhole year3/46-8
Big 4 Mid 4 DaysApril24
Governmental Economics TourMarch24-6
Health EconomicsMarch24-6
International Banking CycleSeptember24
Ladies Banking EveningApril/May24
Ladies NetworkJanuary24-8
London Banking TourSeptember16-8
M&A DinnerNovember24
Private Equity CycleApril/May26
Real Estate DayApril24
Research ProjectJuly/August412
Trading ProjectOctober24
Sustianable Finance DayMarch24

Application Deadline

July 10, 2022
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Fluency in Dutch required



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