FSA Consultancy Club 2022-2023 | Accenture

Are you determined to become a strategy consultant and ready to start the job application process? Do you want to get more familiar with case interviews or are you unsure at which strategy consultant you want to start your career? Then the Consultancy Club is the right place for you!


The Consultancy Club seeks to assist students who are interested in a career in strategy consulting by preparing them for the job application process and introducing them to relevant firms in the industry. To thoroughly prepare you for these (challenging) interviews, the Consultancy Club offers:

  • Monthly in-house training sessions at large consultancy firms
  • An extensive assortment of case interview practice material
  • An active group of ambitious students to train and practice with

During a monthly session, about 20 students are selected to meet at a different consultancy firm to tackle a case with feedback and supervision from experienced consultants. For these sessions, we apply a CV selection.

Who are we looking for?

Everyone with an interest in strategy consulting! Whether you are interested in online case interview material, practice sessions with other students, or participating in in-house crack-a-case sessions from consultancy firms.

Participating Companies

The following session will be organized at Accenture.

Date: March 15, 2023

Time: 13:00 – 18:30 (including drinks)

Location: Amsterdam

A Crack-a-Case session usually begins with a company presentation, after which one or several cases are undertaken under the supervision of a group of experienced consultants. Afterwards, there will be a social activity where you can ask further relevant questions.

*A B2-level in Dutch is required to participate in this event.

Event date


Fluency in Dutch required