Research Project 2022-2023

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Do you want to join 17 others on a trip to the other side of the world in the summer of 2023? Do you want to work on a real-life consultancy case? Do you want to be trained by Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte and many more? Are you ready to gain international experience?


In November, a team of 12 motivated students will be selected to participate on a journey to Kenya, where they will work on a consultancy case for a multinational client (together with 6 committee members). These students will get an insight into the exciting world of international strategy consulting in a developing economy. Additionally, they will get the chance to get in contact with leading (consulting) companies, build their resume, and develop themselves on a personal and professional level.

Throughout the project, participants will receive multiple trainings from leading companies, such as Deloitte, BCG and Bain & Company. Additionally, there will be many social activities!

Course of the Research Project

The preparation period (December – June) takes approximately 12 to 16 hours per week. During this intense period the team will acquire its own projects by contacting multinational companies. This gives them the opportunity to expand their network and design their own projects. When all of the projects are acquired, the desk research can start where research will be performed prior to the field research.

In July the team travels to Kenya to perform full-time field research for 5 weeks, this means that you will spend part of summer 2023 on the other side of the world within a close group of 18 people. Finally, when the team has arrived back in Amsterdam, they will provide their final deliverables and also present the outcomes of the research to the client. Here you can showcase your work and get valuable feedback from professionals.

Additional information about Kenya

Kenya currently is the third largest economy in Africa and is home to roughly 54 million residents. The capital Nairobi is viewed as the financial hub in the region, while the Port of Mombasa serves as an essential transportation facility on the east African coast. Due to its growing urban middle class and rapid economic growth, the country is facing an increasing demand for foreign companies willing to invest or expand to new markets. Also, its participation in various regional trade blocks, such as the (EAC) facilitates growing access to markets outside the country.

In addition, Kenya aims to be a competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030. To match these expectations the country’s noteworthy progress regarding political and economic reforms lays the foundation for sustained economic growth, political stability, and social progress.

As a result, the country is shifting from an economy predominantly focusing on agriculture, towards industries related to financial services and tech, whereas some even nickname it Silicon Savanah due to the rapid rise of tech start-ups in the region. Because of this, outsourcing services like ICT, software development, and financial activities may be an interesting possibility for Dutch companies. On the contrary, investment opportunities are within agriculture, energy, infrastructure, maritime logistics, and the entry of new markets. Additionally, Kenya benefits from free trade with the European Union since it has an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU, enhancing smooth cooperation.

Not to forget, that Kenya also facilities the opportunity to invest in start-ups that can have a great social impact in the region. Multiple companies share the government’s 2030s vision and have originated from achieving various social goals, like improving education, facilitating electricity, and assisting farmers.

Our team consists of a group of excellent students with different academical backgrounds and is more than willing to give your company advice on how it could exploit the opportunities that lie within Kenya.

Who are we looking for?

The project is designed for students from all backgrounds in the final stage of their Bachelor’s or Master’s study. All students with an interest in Consulting can apply. Fluency in Dutch is required for participation.

Interested? Join the information meeting on Wednesday 9th of November at 8 PM at Cafe de Krater (Roetersstraat 13) by filling in this form. 

You can now apply for Research Project 2022-2023!

Apply now by submitting your resume and a Dutch letter of motivation (max. 500 words).

Deadline: 13th of November at 23:59.

Sector: Consulting

Fluency in Dutch required: Yes

Event date

01/12/2022 - 30/07/2023

Fluency in Dutch required