Sustainable Finance Day 2022-2023

Are you an ambitious student with an interest in finance? Do you want to combine your analytical skills with sustainability? Join the sustainable finance event on march 16th.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the future generation is facing. Every sector has to start a transition to ensure a sustainable future. The financial sector is no exception. Many initiatives have already been started by multiple financial institutions. Who are these institutions and what are those initiatives? What is the impact these intuitions have and is it enough? What are the sustainable possibilities in finance for the coming decade? The answers to these questions are a hot topic for students. During the Sustainable Finance Day, companies will try to answer these questions and, as the first sustainable finance event for students in the Netherlands, will connect students to their next possible (sustainable) employer.

Applications of this event open on 2023-02-02 

Who are we looking for?

This event offers ambitious, (financially oriented) students with an interest in sustainability the opportunity to contact different companies in the financial sector in an informal manner. Students who are in the last phase of their studies can apply for this event. Fluency in Dutch is required.


Event date


Fluency in Dutch required