High school grades

You can find your High School Grades on mijn.duo.nl > inloggen > mijn studies en diploma’s > diplomaregister > download uittreksel met cijferlijst

For some FSA events it is necessary to send your grades to the companies selecting the participants. To make life easier, we summarized how this can be done per university:

  • UvA

A digital copy of your list of grades can be requested via the Digital Student Service Desk or via www.sis.uva.nl.

A paper version of your list of grades (can also be certified) can be requested at the Central Student Service Desk or your Education Desk by presenting your ID card.

  • VU

Log on to vunet.vu.nl and go to ‘results’ (of ; resultaten’). In the top right corner you can select ‘PDF’. Choose all your studies (BSc, MSc). You do not have to select your ‘mid term marks’ or insufficient marks. To proceed click export.


To request your grade list at the VU, you can contact the VU student administration desk: Tel: 020 59 85020
E-mail: studentenbalie@vu.nl

  • Delft

In order to view and download your grades go to OSIRIS via Brightspace. When you are in the OSIRIS environment, click on ‘Progress’ in the menu on the left side of the page. Click on one of the first two tabs, ‘Study progress review’ or ‘File overview’. Here you can click on ‘Download’ in order to get a downloaded pdf version of your grades.