About FSA

The Financial Study Association Amsterdam (FSA) is the study association for financially oriented students that are part of the economics faculties at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU Amsterdam. The (inter)national acknowledgment that the FSA receives also allows for us to include students from other universities in our pool of members.

The FSA functions as an intermediary between students and the corporate world. In order to make this interaction as valuable as possible for the two parties involved, we cater mainly to students who are finalising their Bachelor or enrolled in a Master’s programme. Through their FSA membership, students are able to participate in our projects and stay informed about the career opportunities that our corporate partners have to offer.

Additionally, members can further their engagement and gain more experience by joining a committee or pursuing a board function. Traditionally, the FSA organises projects focused on accountancy, banking, consultancy and investment. However, as of 2018, we have realised that the scope of interests of our passive members is expanding. The broader interests of our current members include, for example, data, business, and technical aspects.

FSA works with the following sectors:


Asset Management



Corporate Finance





Private Equity

Real Estate Services