Evelijn Haster

Internal Relations |

020 – 525 6512

Function description

The internal relations is responsible for recruiting and retaining all committee members that will organise our events during the year. The internal is the main contact point for committee members within the association and facilitates training for them. Moreover, the internal arranges all social activities of the FSA, like our monthly drinks, general meetings and the skiing holiday. Finally, the internal is in charge of the marketing and promotion of the FSA.

About Anne

“My name is Anne Nummerdor, I am 23 years old, and I am currently in the position of Internal Relations within the FSA Board. I am originally from Gelselaar, but for the past few years I lived in Breda, where I studied Hotel Management. After obtaining my bachelor degree, I took a gap year to travel through Asia. In September 2019, I moved to Amsterdam to study MSc Business Administration at the UvA. A friend of mine was a committee member at the FSA, and told me about the opportunity to do a fulltime board year at the FSA. I was immediately enthusiastic about the position of Internal Relations! As Internal Relations, I am responsible for the internal communication, the recruiting of new board- and committee members, the marketing of the FSA, and organizing all social activities like drinks and social activities. In addition, I am responsible for coordinating several committees: the marketing committee, Ladies Network, the Business Orientation Days and Health Economics.

In my experience, a board year is the perfect opportunity to orientate on career opportunities and get to know many different companies in different industries. During the year, you will meet a lot of interesting people from different companies, organizations, and of course within the FSA itself. It is also a great way to develop your professional and social skills by means of trainings and by coordinating your own projects. Above all, it is a challenging, exciting and fun year, where I still meet a lot of great people!”