Luna Bakker

External Relations |
 020 – 525 6357

Function description

There are two board members responsible for all contact with the business partners of the FSA. The Externals are in charge of the continuing the contact with our current partners, for acquiring new partners and for the sale of our promotional opportunities. They will visit every partner during the summer and discuss the possibilities for next year, among which the participation for our events. Further, they strive to continually improve the social media branding of the FSA.

About Luna

“I am Luna, one of the externals of the FSA. Cliché: I really enjoy doing sports and cooking (or just eating is also fine with me 😊). I am always eager to taste new things, or to match food with drinks.

During my master’s Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy, I did a committee at the FSA. Although the event we organized was canceled due to COVID-19, it was a fun year. I like how you learn a lot from doing a committee, how the FSA enables you to build a network and is great fun with all active members. That is why I decided to do a board year, despite looking forwards to starting my career as well. I have learnt even more from this board year than I had expected. As we lead the organization, many different things come in our ways. We have to adjust ourselves quickly to these challenges. Especially now with Corona, we should think outside the box, but since the world is rapidly changing anyhow, it will remain important to innovate for all future years. Furthermore, leading this organization with six fellow students has been nothing but great for my collaborative skills. This also makes it extremely fun and social.

After this board year will end in June, I hope to start a career in strategy consulting. As external relations and coordinator of the event Consultition, I talk to many recruiters and consultants, or even managers. Talking to them has convinced me even more that this is truly what I want. Hopefully, building this network will help as well. And before starting a job, I hope Corona allows me to travel a bit.

This year has been extremely educational and social. You get the unique experience to lead an organization with six fellow students. I would truly recommend doing a board year for everyone!”