Michiel de Boer


  020 – 525 6513

Function description

The vice-president is responsible for the implementation and development of internal policy, both strategical and operational. The vice-president will support and advice the president whenever needed. Additionally, the vice-president sends official correspondence, takes care of the facilities and during every meeting the vice-president acts as a notary. Finally, the vice-president is responsible for the maintenance of everything concerning ICT.

About Michiel 

“I am Lieuwe Hoekstra, 23 years old. In my free time, I like to play baseball and cook dinner with friends. Unfortunately, due to COVID,  baseball is out of the picture at the moment, so I try to do a run every now and then. Next to this I am working with three others on a Fintech start-up and I plan on finishing my last course in my masters Financial Econometrics this semester.

Early 2020, I was busy studying for the last few courses of my Econometrics masters, when COVID hit. At that moment, I knew that it might be a good idea to already think about life after graduation, as this was going to be different than in normal years. When I started thinking about a board year at the FSA, the advantages immediately became apparent to me. Not only will you learn to run an organization together with five other motivated students, but you will also get an impression of a great number of different companies and sectors in your board year.

These observations have been entirely true so far! Even though this year is a strange year because most events have so far taken place online, I really feel like I have learned a lot. Next to the more obvious things that the FSA offers you in a board year, I was surprised by the number of workshops you can attend and the guidance in your personal development you get. `

After this board year, I hope to be doing an M&A internship. Although I have to admit that all options are still open, because most of the events I coordinate (Private Equity Cycle, Data Science Competition, Consultancy Club sessions, Trading Project) still have to take place! Who knows I’ll be inspired by these sectors as well!”