Sebastiaan Sengonul

External Relations |
 020 – 525 6357

Function description

The External Relations is a double function; together Anne en I share the same inbox, calendar and day-to-day life – at least, during business hours. We are responsible for the commercial network of the FSA. Besides that, we are investigating what other companies could suit well in the partner portfolio of the FSA and acquire these.

About Sebastiaan

I am Sebastiaan, a 24-year-old student from the VU. In my free time I love to do motorbike tours, sail the Mediterranean or go skiing. Unfortunately, these are time consuming activities, so after working hours I mostly go to the terrace which I balance out with CrossFit workouts at the gym.

After almost completing my bachelors’ degree in Business Analytics, I noticed that I missed the connection to the business world. After diving into this world, I discovered that I am more interested in finance than the technical side of Business Analytics. However, within the world of finance, there are many possible directions in which people are headed. For me, personally, that is something I am figuring out during my board year as External Relations at the FSA.

During my board year I coordinate a collection of projects, these come from a wide spectrum of events that the FSA hosts. During the entire academical year I will coordinate the FSA Consultancy Club, my first big event will then be Trading Project in which we will visit high-frequency traders. Then the Ladies Banking Evening and our brand-new Sustainable Finance Day will follow, and as a cherry on the cake the London Banking Tour.

After my board year, I will be pursuing a masters’ degree that is undefined yet. During my masters’ I intend to do two internships within sectors that I find most interesting.