Britt Albers

Internal Relations
020 – 525 6512
Britt Albers

Function description

The internal relations is responsible for recruiting and retaining all committee members that will organise our events during the year. The internal is the main contact point for committee members within the association and facilitates training for them. Moreover, the internal arranges all social activities of the FSA, like our monthly drinks, general meetings and the skiing holiday. Finally, the internal is in charge of the marketing and promotion of the FSA.

Personal story

After a bachelor and master Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, I just finished my master Business Administration. My master degrees in both Communication Science and Business Administration give me the opportunity to combine knowledge from the psychological side of persuasion with the commercial effectiveness of persuasion tactics from a business perspective. As member of the marketing committee at the FSA last year, I became enthusiastic about a board year at the FSA. The professional and ambitious environment at the FSA is the perfect place to develop both social and professional skills. Before I start my professional career, I would like to gain practical experience, develop leadership skills, build my network and explore my opportunities at different companies in my function as Internal Relations. Within my function, I have the privilege to select the most driven and ambitious students in order to organise high-quality FSA-events and to secure and optimize the professional image of the FSA to make the FSA even more successful.