Camiel Janssen

  020 – 525 5434
  Camiel Janssen

Function description

The president is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the FSA and is therefore the final representative to the outside world. Moreover, the president focuses on the cooperation between all board members and the long-term strategy of the FSA. Throughout the year the president is responsible for the general progress and implementation of the various targets set in the policy. The president is responsible for ensuring that the FSA’s mission and visions are effectively put to practice. Finally, the president maintains the external relationships with, among others, universities and the FAN (Financial Association of the Netherlands).

Personal story

This summer I finished my master Digital Business and Innovation. After my bachelor Business Administration, I did an internship as E-commerce big data analyst at a FMCG firm and went on a student exchange program in Australia as I wanted to explore opportunities for the start of my career. My master taught me a wide range of disciplines varying from business information systems, innovation management, strategy and entrepreneurship. However, I felt like I needed more practical experience next to the theoretical insights I gained. Therefore, I applied to organise Consultition 2019, a strategy consulting event of the FSA. Organising and participating in this FSA event gave me the opportunity to get in contact with four leading strategy consulting companies and gave me a glimpse into the business world. I really enjoyed organising Consultition and being able to compare four companies was a valuable experience. Therefore, I decided to apply for the board of the FSA. As board member, I am responsible for a wide range of projects to develop my professional skills and knowledge of multiple markets. Moreover, as president I will develop my leadership skills by having the responsibility over a group of 4400+ students, 100+ companies and 20+ professional career events. I am looking forward to make this, together with my five board members and 55 committee members, a challenging and successful year!