David Meijer

External Relations

 020 – 525 6357
 David Meijer

Function description

There are two board members responsible for all contact with the business partners of the FSA. The Externals are in charge of the continuing the contact with our current partners, for acquiring new partners and for the sale of our promotional opportunities. They will visit every partner during the summer and discuss the possibilities for the coming academic year, among which the participation for our events. Further, they strive to continually improve the social media branding of the FSA.

Personal story

After my bachelor Economics & Business, followed by a year Econometrics, I just finished my master Quantitative Finance. During this year my interest for the financial world grew. My study was coming to an end and I was ready for something new. I started searching for the right direction to start my career. The FSA is an experienced association and maintains close contact with highly regarded companies. While organizing business events for enthusiast fellow students, it also gives me the possibility to get acquainted with these companies. This concept will offer me a look into the business world and the opportunity to orientate and develop myself on professional and personal level. The combination of motivated students in the end of their study and the pleasant, still professional, atmosphere makes the FSA special. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to finding creative ideas and solutions with my colleagues to develop the connection between the FSA and our partners. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to advancing the connection between the students and the business world to improve their business knowledge and trigger their individual interests.