Hannah Elenbaas


  020 – 525 6513
  Hannah Elenbaas

Function description

The treasurer is responsible for the financial position of the FSA. All financial transactions of the FSA go by the treasurer: from general expenses to specific event budgets. Within the board, the treasurer monitors and decides the budgets of the FSA. The treasurer must continuously stay informed of the benefits and expenses of the association. Finally, the treasurer provides periodical financial reports for the board and the supervisory board (RvC).

Personal story

After I finished my Bachelor in Economics and Finance last year, I decided to live abroad and do an internship. Doing this made me realize how valuable it is to gain practical (work) experience and how fast I could develop myself by stepping out of my comfort zone. This is why I decided to apply for a board year at FSA, where I can gain knowledge by being responsible for the financial position of the FSA in a social environment. My function as the treasurer is the perfect way to combine my affinity with numbers and interest in financial policy making as well as improving my capabilities of being a reasonable and likable leader. I am looking forward to making this year amazing and successful, together with the other board members and the committee members, without whom the FSA would not be what it is.