Koen Zwetsloot


  020 – 525 6513
  Koen Zwetsloot

Function description

The vice-president is responsible for the implementation and development of internal policy, both strategical and operational. The vice-president will support and advice the president whenever needed. Additionally, the vice-president sends official correspondence, takes care of the facilities and during every meeting the vice-president acts as a notary. Finally, the vice-president is responsible for the maintenance of everything concerning ICT.

Personal story

Last year I have finished the bachelor Economics & Business, track Economics & Finance. During this study, my interest for the financial world grew. However, I came to the realisation that I had no practical experience in this realm. I started looking at opportunities where I could gain the experience I lacked. I realised that a board year at the FSA fits perfectly in this picture! Since I organised Trading Project 2018, I already knew what a social and professional association the FSA is. This board year is perfect to develop my professional skills, learn how the world of finance works in practice and meet a lot of people and companies in this world. I am looking forward to work with a lot of motivated and driven people to make this year as successful as possible. It is safe to say that this board year will broaden my horizon!