Lisanne Keijzer

Treasurer |
  020 – 525 6513

Function description

The treasurer is responsible for the financial position of the FSA. All financial transactions of the FSA go by the treasurer: from general expenses to specific event budgets. Within the board, the treasurer monitors and decides the budgets of the FSA. The treasurer must continuously stay informed of the benefits and expenses of the association. Finally, the treasurer provides periodical financial reports for the board and the supervisory board (RvC).

About Lisanne

“I am Lisanne Keijzer, 22 years old and treasurer of the 25th board of the FSA. I grew up in Noordwijk near the beach. In my free time, I like to go to the gym, read and follow acting classes. You can always wake me up for a nice burger or specialty beer.

A few years ago, I started studying Economics and Business with a specialization in Finance at the University of Amsterdam. During my exchange in Lisbon, I realized that I had a particular interest for financial regulation. Therefore I chose to follow the Duisenberg Honours Programme in Corporate Finance & Banking, which is part of the Master Finance, at the UvA last year. Next to my studies, I participated in the Sefa Research Project to Malaysia and Singapore.

The reason I chose to do a fulltime board year at the FSA is to find out where I want to kick off my career. Within the financial sector, there are a lot of interesting sectors to consider. This board year is the ideal opportunity for me to find out what it is like to work in for instance banking, m&a and the governmental sector. Besides, I wanted to gain more practical experience. I learned a lot during my studies, but I wanted to develop myself in a different way. This year, I got the chance to improve my analytical skills and leadership experience. Of course, a board year is also a lot of fun. Although we needed to be creative during these COVID-19 times, we already had plenty of nice activities with our active members and with the board itself.

In addition to my role as treasurer, I am coordinator of the Governmental Economics Tour, M&A Dinner and the Research Project to Taiwan.”