Michèle van Zijp

External Relations

 020 – 525 6357
 Michèle van Zijp

Function description

There are two board members responsible for all contact with the business partners of the FSA. The Externals are in charge of the continuing the contact with our current partners, for acquiring new partners and for the sale of our promotional opportunities. They will visit every partner during the summer and discuss the possibilities for next year, among which the participation for our events. Further, they strive to continually improve the social media branding of the FSA.

Personal story

During my bachelor Business Administration, I have had the opportunity to learn about many business aspects. Not only have I become acquainted with organization theories, I have also had some first moments of contacts with interesting companies. Since these first impressions, I have always enjoyed learning more about companies in practice. Since my bachelor had come to an end, I had to find a new challenge where I could develop my professional skills. Being a board member of the FSA is the perfect challenge to maximize my development. The professional environment of the FSA is the ideal opportunity to meet and work with highly motivated students. As a board member, responsible for a wide range of successful projects, I will boost my professional as well as my social skills. Within my position as External Relations I hope to expand my professional network, while at the same time creating value for the FSA by turning every opportunity into a positive-sum long term relationship. By doing so, I will facilitate the important link between interesting companies and ambitious students. I look forward to working with my fellow External Relations, David, to make this link even better!