Sascha Argiro

  020 – 525 5434

Function description

The president is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the FSA and is therefore the final representative to the outside world. Moreover, the president focuses on the cooperation between all board members and the long-term strategy of the FSA. Throughout the year the president is responsible for the general progress and implementation of the various targets set in the policy. The president is responsible for ensuring that the FSA’s mission and visions are effectively put to practice. Finally, the president maintains the external relationships with, among others, universities and the FAN (Financial Association of the Netherlands).

About Sascha

“My name is Sascha Argiro, I am 24 years old, and this year I am president of the FSA. Originally, I come from Amersfoort and one of my largest passions is sports: I enjoy running, kickboxing, surfing, and I play squash in the weekends. Furthermore, I play the drums and I like to read.

After studying International Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I did several internships. The first was at a private equity fund, Shoe Investments, where I focused on analyzing potential investments. The highlight of this internship was where I handled the cases of Pieter Schoen’s investments from Dragon’s Den. The second internship was at a software scale-up that just received funding, where I assisted the CEO in forming the business strategy.

The reason I chose to do a fulltime board year at the FSA was to orientate on what the different career opportunities are in the financial sector. Having seen private equity and venture capital, I knew that I wanted to work in the financial sector, but all the different career paths puzzled me and I wanted to see what it is like to work in e.g. strategy consulting and investment banking. Furthermore, this board year gave me the perfect opportunity to gain leadership experience, and get in contact with many interesting people in the financial sector, while enjoying an exciting year with a tight group of friends. After this board year, I am going to study MSc Finance & Investments in Rotterdam and do one more internship before applying for a job.”