Sebastiaan Paes

  020 – 525 6513
  Sebastiaan Paes

Function description

The vice-president is responsible for the implementation and development of internal policy, both strategical and operational. The vice-president will support and advice the president whenever needed. Additionally, the vice-president sends official correspondence, takes care of the facilities and during every meeting the vice-president acts as a notary. Finally, the vice-president is responsible for the maintenance of everything concerning ICT.

Personal story

During the bachelor and master of Econometrics, I gained a lot of knowledge and analytical skills. The only part that was missing throughout my student years were the practical insights. Therefore, I decided not to write my thesis this academic year, but to apply for a position in the board of the FSA. It was the professional atmosphere within the FSA that convinced me to become part of this organisation. Having a different background with my econometrics degree, I am able to explore the world of finance and consultancy and use my analytical skills in practise. Throughout the year I get acquainted with the biggest companies in all these sectors. What I personally really like about the FSA is that you get the chance to organise a wide range of high-quality projects with a large group of enthusiastic and driven students. I’m really looking forward to help the FSA to a higher level with my lovely fellow board members and having the Research Project as the perfect ending.