Sophie Greuter

  020 – 525 5434
  Sophie Greuter

Function description

The president is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the FSA and is therefore the final representative to the outside world. Moreover, the president focuses on the cooperation between all board members and the long-term strategy of the FSA. Throughout the year the president is responsible for the general progress and implementation of the various targets set in the policy. The president is responsible for ensuring that the FSA’s mission and visions are effectively put to practice. Finally, the president maintains the external relationships with, among others, universities and the FAN (Financial Association of the Netherlands).

Personal story

Last year I have finished the master study International Economics at the Erasmus University. During the master I have learned about a wide range of global economic issues and the different macroeconomic models used to explain the economic issues. Both the bachelor and master studies discuss theoretical insights but practical skills were missing. Doing a board year give me the change to orientate on the labor market and develop these practice skills that will be preferable in the next step to find job. The FSA gives you the opportunity to come in contact with highly regarded companies to take a look into the business world. My function as President makes it possible to develop leadership skills in a natural way, how to enhance the long-term strategy of the association and maintain the contact with all the stakeholders.