Every year, the FSA organizes 20 different career events. Every event organized by the FSA requires enthusiastic committee members. The committees are as follows:

Amsterdam Investment Cruise

Asset Management Tour



Fort Boyard

FSA Consultancy Club

FSA Marketing

FSA Masterclass

Governmental Economics Tour

Health Economics

International Banking Cycle

International Finance Days

Ladies Network

London Banking Tour

M&A Dinner

Multinational Days

Mutual Fund

Private Equity Cycle

Research Project

Trading Project

Become a Committee member!

Personal development

Being a committee member provides ample opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills. Because all FSA committees are relatively small, you will have a lot of responsibility. This gives you the freedom to give a personal twist to the project you are working on.


You will receive trainings from companies such as Van Lanschot Kempen, PwC and Deloitte. Additionally, tailor-made trainings are provided to gain experience and master useful tools, such as working with Excel and furthering presentation and acquisition skills.

Resumé and Network building

Get in touch with motivated fellow students and an alumni network made up of more than 800 former FSA members, many of whom now work at renowned companies. You also have the opportunity to get in contact with recruiters from large companies. Naturally, being a part of a committee within the largest financial study association in the Netherlands is an excellent addition to your resumé.

Social activities

You will be able to participate in the activities organised for committee members throughout the year. These activities include our monthly drinks and different development days. Moreover, two committee member days a year will be organised and you can attend the annual skiing holiday.

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Committees range in size from 1 to 4 members and are always coordinated by someone from the board. Every committee starts in September. Of course, being in a committee is combinable with your studies. An overview of the different committees is provided below.

Event Date event # Committee members Time / week
Asset Management Tour October 1 4h
Amsterdam Investment Cruise April 2 4h
Beroependagen October 3 or 4 6-8h
Consultition February 3 6-8h
Consultancy Club Every month 1 3h
FSA Marketing Continuous 3 or 4 6-8h
Fort Boyard January 3 4h
Governmental Economics Tour March 2 4-6h
Health Economics March 2 4-6h
International Banking Cycle September 2 4h
International Finance Days May 2 4-6h
Ladies Network January 2 4-6h
London Banking Tour September 1 6-8h
M&A Dinner November 2 4h
Multinational Days March 2 4-6h
Private Equity Cycle April – May 2 6h
Research Project July – August 4 12h
Trading Project November 2 4h

All committee members will be selected in the summer (between June and August). This ensures that all committee members are involved from the start of the FSA year in September, which will strengthen the connection between members. The selection process for being in a committee is as follows:


If you are interested in being a part of an FSA committee, you can send an email to You will be invited for an orientation meeting, during which the different possibilities of involvement within the FSA will be discussed.


After the orientation meeting an interview will take place with two members of the board.


All applicants will hear before September 15th whether they have been selected for a committee.