Corona update

On this page you can find our policy concerning the Corona virus. We will update this page everytime we change this policy.

Update 24-03-2020: Following the additional measures taken by the Dutch government, we hereby want to inform you on our Corona policy.

All our events will be cancelled or postponed till at least June 1st. We will evaluate this decision daily, following the guidelines of the RIVM. This means that the following events have therefore been cancelled:

Amsterdam Investment Cruise:
– April 1st | ABN AMRO
– April 2nd | IMPROVED Corporate Finance/Drake Star Partners
– April 3rd | PwC Deals
– April 7th | Kempen
– April 8th | Oaklins
– April 9th | EY-TAS

Consultancy Club:
– March 31st | Simon Kucher
– April 17th | YGroup

Heineken Pre Graduate Program
– March 31st
– April 7th
– April 30th

International Finance Days
– May 11th | IMC Trading
– May 12th | Rabobank
– May 14th | Deloitte
– May 15th | Vistra

Ladies Banking Evening
– May 14th

Multinational Days:
– March 30th | Cargill
– April 1st | Randstad
– April 3rd | Friesland Campina

Private Equity Cycle:
– April 29th | Holland Capital
– April 30th | Gimv
– May 1st | Torqx Capital
– May 7th | HAL Investments
– May 8th | Egeria, Gilde Buy Out & Parcom Capital (Private Equity Dinner)

Real Estate Day:
– April 16th | CBRE & Savills

In case you applied for one of the above events, we have sent your application to the participating companies. Even though these events will not take place, this gives the companies the chance to reach out to you.

On behalf of the FSA we want to stress that your safety and health is always our first priority in our decision to host or cancel events. We trust on your responsibility that you take the precautions set by the RIVM seriously.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.