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The 23rd edition of the Beroependagen will most likely take place in the first week of October in the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). The event is hosted by the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) and the Student Association for Econometrics, Actuarial Science and Operational Research (VSAE). Previous editions are characterized by a successful combination of leading companies and ambitious students at a prestigious location. The Beroependagen aims to create an interactive atmosphere between companies and students, both domestic and foreign. The Beroependagen creates an ideal opportunity for your company to meet talented and motivated students looking into career possibilities.

Who are we looking for

This project is designed for students from all backgrounds in the final stage of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program. Some of the activities are for Dutch speaking students only, but there are also activities available for international students. You can find the required language at the program at

Participating Companies

The Beroependagen has over 45 participating companies. For more information on the participating companies, please visit their company profiles on the Beroependagen website:


The Beroependagen 2019 were held on the first and second of October. It is most likely that the 2020 edition will also take place around these dates.


The program is not available yet.

Contact the Beroependagen committee

    020 – 525 65 13

Beroependagen Committee

F.l.t.r. (back row): Floris de Widt, Koen Zwetsloot, Tim Bender, Ruben Reijerse & Stef Gaarthuis
F.l.t.r: (front row): Amber Nagelhout, Mathilde Terleth, Anouck Rietveld & Kiki Lemmink

Amber Nagelhout – President
Tim Bender – Secretary
Stef Gaarthuis – Treasurer
Kiki Lemmink – Acquisition
Ruben Reijerse – Acquisition
Mathilde Terleth – Acquisition
Anouck Rietveld – Marketing
Floris de Widt – Coordinator Board VSAE
Koen Zwetsloot – Coordinator Board FSA

Apply Form

The application dates will be anounced! You can apply at