FSA Consultancy Club

Are you determined to become a strategy consultant and ready to start the job application process? Do you want to get more familiar with case interviews or are you unsure at which strategy consultant you want to start your career? Then the Consultancy Club is the right place for you!


The Consultancy Club is designed to help students who are looking for a career in strategy consulting by preparing them for the job application process. In order to thoroughly prepare you for these (difficult) interviews, the Consultancy Club offers:

  • Online case interview material
  • Practice sessions and interviews with fellow students
  • Monthly in-house training sessions at the largest consultancy firms

During a training session, about 20 students gather to practice cases one-on-one with feedback and supervision from experienced consultants. For these sessions, we apply a first-come-first-serve policy.

Who are we looking for?

Everyone with an interest in strategy consulting. However, fluency in Dutch is required. Whether you are interested in online case interview material, doing practice sessions with other students or participating in the training sessions from consultancy firms, the FSA Consultancy Club does not require CV selection.

Participating Companies

The strategy consulting firms that provided a training session for the college year 2018/2019 are: Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, Eden McCallum, EY-Parthenon, Monitor Deloitte, Roland Berger & Strategy&.


The Consultancy Club sessions for the academic year 2019/2020 are yet to be scheduled. The Consultancy Club training sessions of 2018/2019 were:

September 19th – Roland Berger
October 31st – Bain & Company
January 18th – Eden McCallum
February 15th  – Monitor Deloitte
March 18th – EY-Parthenon
April 4th – Bain & Company (open for internationals)
May 17th – Boston Consulting Group
June 11th – Strategy&


Each session starts with a short intruduction of the Consultancy firm. After that, the consultants will discuss tactics and provide tips on the case. You will perform one or two case interviews yourself. Finally, the afternoon will end with drinks.

Contact the FSA Consultancy Club committee

    020 – 525 54 34

This was the committee of the academic year 2018-2019.

Christopher Tranquille

Committee Member

Sebastiaan Paes

Coordinator Board

The application period is closed.