Health Economics

Are you interested in the healthcare sector and curious about the economic foundations and practical implementation of health-related issues? Then FSA Health Economics is the perfect event for you!


The field of health economics developed in response to the growing demand for analytical specialists within the healthcare sector. As the number of health problems and the ageing population continue to grow, there is an increased need for economic evaluation and models within the field of healthcare. Additionally, healthcare must respond to the development of new technologies.

Who are we looking for

This event offers ambitious, financially oriented students with an interest in healthcare the opportunity to contact different companies in the commercial health sector in an informal manner. Such companies include pharmaceutical companies, consultancy firms focused on the healthcare sector, health insurance companies, technological firms and hospitals. Fluency in Dutch is required.

Participating Companies

We are proud to announce that the following companies will be present at Health Economics 2020:

  • KPMG
  • Philips
  • SiRM

Date & Location

The date for Health Economics 2020 is March 4th. This event will be hosted at Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club.


Guest speaker prof. dr. Loek Winter, founder of DC Klinieken, will kick-off this Health Economics 2020. You will then make two complex real life cases in which you get the chance to show your abilities to the participating organizations. You will also get the chance to talk to experts in an informal way during drinks afterwards.

The program is as follows:

12.30 – Walk in
12.45 – Plenary Session
13.40 – Case 1
15.50 – Case 2
18.00 – Drinks
19.30 – End

Contact the Health Economics committee

    020 – 525 54 34

Meet the committee of the academic year 2019-2020:

Fenna Speerstra


Maxime Velzeboer


Camiel Janssen

Coordinator Board

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Applications are open till Sunday the 23rd of February, 23:59. Partcipation is free of charge!

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