International Banking Cycle

The International Banking Cycle, an investment in your career!


After more than twenty years of success, we proudly announce that the largest Investment Banking recruitment event in the Netherlands, the International Banking Cycle (IBC), will be organised again this year. Like previous years, the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) and the Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) will team up to organize the IBC. The IBC gives students a clear view of the operational practices and possible career opportunities within major international Investment Banks.

Who are we looking for

All students in the final stage of their study, with a keen interest in the world of Finance and Banking, can take part in the IBC. Participation will give you a direct insight into the Investment Banking industry and could initiate your career at one of the world’s leading Investment Banks!

Participating Companies

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citi, Deutsche Bank, ING,  Lazard, Morgan Stanley and Nomura. For more information on the participating companies, please visit their company profiles on our website, displayed below.

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Opening Presentation: 10 September

ING (Amsterdam)
Date: 13 September
Deadline: TBA

Nomura (Rotterdam)
Date: 14 September
Deadline: TBA

Citi (Amsterdam)
Date: 15 September
Deadline: TBA

Lazard (Rotterdam)
Date: 20 September
Deadline: TBA

Deutsche Bank (Amsterdam)
Date: 21 September
Deadline: TBA

Barclays (Rotterdam)
Date: 22 September
Deadline: TBA

Morgan Stanley (Rotterdam)
Date: 23 September
Deadline: TBA

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Amsterdam)
Date: 27 September
Deadline: TBA

For the full program of the International Banking Cycle, please take a look at

Applying for the International Banking Cycle 2021


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Participating companies