M&A Dinner


The M&A Dinner offers ambitious students with an interest in Corporate Finance the opportunity to meet various M&A boutiques during a luxurious 4-course dinner.

The event will start with a plenary session, where each attending company has the chance to present themselves. During the dinner, the students switch tables after each course. Every student will therefore eat with four different companies. The evening ends with an informal drink.

Who are we looking for

This project is designed for students from all backgrounds in the final stage of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program. All students with an interest in M&A can apply via our website. Fluency in Dutch is required.

Participating companies of the 2019 edition

*Nielen Schuman
*Lincoln International
*NIBC Bank
*Drake Star Partners

Contact the M&A Dinner committee

   020 – 525 6513

Floris van der Veen

Committee Member

Moreno Weilenmann

Committee Member

Lisanne Keijzer

Coordinator Board