Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is the investment association for financially orientated students in Amsterdam and surroundings. Our goal is to be an educative platform for students who are interested in acquiring and selling financial instruments. The joint focus of our members creates an instructive and stimulating environment where sharing knowledge is central.


The members of the Mutual Fund each invest their own money in the association with which the members invests. The portfolio is evaluated during the monthly meeting. During this meeting, the members of each fund vote on possible purchases or sales of shares, after a thorough analysis. Constant development of the members’ analytical skills is central in this process. Besides the serious components of the meetings, there are monthly drinks and other social activities to get to know each other.

Who are we looking for

Students with an affinity for financial markets.

Participating Companies

During the monthly meetings, companies visit to discuss their investment strategy. Visiting companies are, among others, IBS, OHV, Laaken, Lynx, Barclays and ING.





There are monthly meetings during the year. The meetings of the Mutual Fund are at the University of Amsterdam.

Time Part
19:00 Start Monthly meeting by the chairman
19:15 Macro-economic update by the Macro committee
19:30 Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (TMISDK): delegate of a partner company gives a presentation about their investment strategy
20:15 Break
20:45 Fund meeting (the association is split in three funds) to discuss the portfolio and buy- or sell-pitches
22:00 Drinks in Café de Roeter

Contact the Mutual Fund

    020 – 525 63 57

This is the committee of the academic year 2018-2019, this page will be updated once the new committee is chosen.

Jesse Koster


Iranila Pattipilohy


Boaz Brunsting


Michèle van Zijp

Coordinator Board

Applying for the Mutual Fund

If you would like to be a member of the Mutual Fund, you can apply by sending your resume and cover letter to You will then be invited for an interview.