Private Equity Cycle


In the first week of May the Financial Study association Amsterdam will organize with the Private Equity Cycle 2019. The Private Equity Cycle aims to bring students from various disciplines in touch with the private equity sector in the Netherlands. Seize the opportunity to join this unique event!

Last year the participating companies HAL Investments, Bencis Capital, Torqx Capital and Mentha Capital each host an inhouseday. While being active in the same sector, the participating firms differ highly in their business approach. During the Private Equity Cycle you are able to experience the different working environments in private equity. The inhousedays will start in the afternoon and will end with drinks.

Who are we looking for

This project is designed for students from all backgrounds in the final stage of their Bachelor or Master’s study. An economic related study is not a requirement for this Cycle. Affinity with and interest in the financial world is. Therefore, we welcome students from all fields of study who have affinity with finance. Fluency in Dutch is required.

Participating Companies

The participating companies for the Private Equity Cycle 2019 are yet to be announced. Last year the participating companies were HAL Investments, Bencis Capital, Torqx Capital and Mentha Capital.

For more information on these companies, please visit their company profiles on our partner page.


The Private Equity Cycle 2019 will take place between 30th April and 7th May. The exact program is yet to be announced

April 30 –
May 7 –


13.00 – Reception
13.30 – Presentation
14.00 – Case
17.00 – Drinks

Contact the Private Equity Cycle committee

    020 – 525 63 57

Koen Evers


Casper de Bok


Sophie Greuter

Coördinator Board

Applying for the Private Equity Cycle 2019

The applications for the Private Equity Cycle 2019 are not open yet.
Applications are expected to open March 2019.

Apply Form

For applying, please upload your CV, High School Grades, BSc Grades and MSc Grades so far. All files need to be in pdf-format.

The application period is closed.