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This year, the FSA Research Project 2020 will go to Chile!

The objective of the FSA Research Project (RP) is to provide students with insight into the world of an international consultant. The group consists of 18 ambitious students that will work together on various projects over eight months. In November, the RP committee (6 students) will select a team of 12 motivated students to join the project.

The first challenge for the group is to acquire nine consultancy projects for Dutch companies. Consultancy firms provide several trainings to the students to ensure that the acquisition will be successful. The acquisition period will run from January to May. It is important that potential participants are aware that the acquisition period will take about twelve to sixteen hours a week.

After nine projects have been acquired, the 18 students will be divided into nine groups of two students. Each group is assigned a suitable project and will start to prepare the project with the necessary desk research. The desk research will take place at the FSA office at Roeterseiland.

After an exciting acquisition period and desk research, the field research in Chile can finally start. We will start in July with an opening weekend, which marks the discovery of Chile and enables the students to adapt to the local culture, environment and climate. The groups will travel through the country to different locations to conduct their research during five weeks of hard work. The adventure will end with a closing weekend. After this weekend you are free to travel on your own and explore Chile/South America.

Once the group has returned to the Netherlands, the final stage of the project will start. The results of the research need to be summarized in a report and the report will be presented to the company. This will take place in September or October.

Throughout the project, participants will receive multiple training courses from several large companies. In addition, many social events will be organized such as drinks, dinners, parties and last but not least … winter sports with all the active members of the FSA!

Participation in the Research Project costs €750,-. Flights, accommodation, pocket money and several fun activities are included.


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(VIETNAM, 2015)

By Gabir Fluit, General Director  

De Heus always keeps the customers’ needs or those of the sector in mind whilst constantly investigating in knowledge, innovation and quality and by knowing what is important to them. In light of this philosophy we were happy to give young, intelligent and highly motivated students the opportunity to conduct a market research for students the opportunity to conduct a market research for de Heus Vietnam. Even though De Heus’ environment (animal nutrition) is completely different than what they were familiar with, the students were flexible, eager to learn and quickly managed to understand what the world of a farmer looks like in order to understand their needs. After five weeks of intensive field research they managed to deliver a profound structured and detailed report. Their research has confirmed some of our expectations, but also has given us new insights. These will be of great value for further development and implementation of de Heus’ digital strategy! 


By Arnoud van Tulder, Chief Executive Officer

Cryo-Save Group N.V., Europe’s leading family stem cell bank, and listed on NYSE Euronext, participated in the FSA project in 2011 and 2012. I was directly involved in the decision to participate and the selection of the students. In 2011 two students went to South Africa where we, at that time, just started a joint venture with a local stem cell bank. In 2012 two students went to India where we are in business since 2008, but with a performance behind expectations. The South African project focused more on external factors impacting our performance (awareness, reaching potential customers, marketing activities), the Indian project put more emphasis on internal elements like recruitment, training and communication. In both countries the students interviewed customers and doctors.

The main reasons for me to participate in this project was to give students the opportunity to experience how it is to work abroad in non-western countries, at the same time expecting a useful contribution how to improve our performance from intelligent, ambitious youngsters with a fresh, open minded view. Also the fact that the students have to invest financially in this project themselves was an important condition for me to say yes to this project.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of these projects. The students prepared themselves very well in the Netherlands (the desk research phase), and showed that they were mature and professional enough to do their field work locally, not always under easy circumstances in India and South Africa as you will understand. Also confidentiality was fully understood by them. I managed these projects from my office in the Netherlands, but they frequently informed me on progress. They presented their findings to local management and me verbally and in writing.

This FSA project is set up in such a professional way, run by very motivated and capable students, I really recommend everybody to give these students the chance to do research for any other company.

(INDIA, 2012)

By Hans Schouten, Chief Executive Officer

The research conducted elaborated on market potential for ready-to-eat soy based meals in the Indian retail- and quick service restaurant sectors. The vast majority of the Indian population consists of strict vegetarians. Bearing this in mind the students discovered opportunities and bottlenecks for our products. Moreover they paved a way for an entrance strategy by gaining fruitful contacts in the top-segment of these sectors. I am pleased with the result that the FSA students have achieved. Their end conclusions and advice were very helpful, they lowered the entrance barrier for me and helped me to start first negotiations with Indian partners.

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Meet the Research Project committee of the academic year 2019-2020!

RP commissie

Aukje Terpstra



Wouter Smit



Bette Donker

Head Acquisition


Robbert Sinning

Internal Relations


Jonathan Meijer

Coordinator Board


Renée Wirtjes

Coordinator Board

The application deadline for the Research Project 2019/2020 is set on Sunday the 10th of November 23:59h. In order to apply you need to upload the following: CV, university grades and a motivation letter in English (all in PDF).

The application period is closed.