Sales and Trading Project

Are you interested in institutional Trading? Almost done with your study and ready for the next step? On the 9th of June two of the world’s biggest trading companies, Optiver and Flow Traders, open their doors for your eyes only! 


Over the course of one day, students will be offered the opportunity to meet two of the greatest Dutch trading firms. Institutional traders buy and sell security from large institutions like pension funds mutual funds etc. Because of the relatively great volume of the trades the institutional trader can impact the share pice of the security, timing is therefore of utmost importance.

As Execution Trader you will communicate with a network of brokers, handling incoming price requests and relaying information onto the traders. It is your responsibility to get the full information and best execution for non-screen based trades and ensuring a smooth trade process. Alongside this you will maintain and build upon longstanding relationships within the broker community.

Who are we looking for

This project is designed for (Quantitative) Finance students in the final stage of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program. An institutional/execution trader needs to have excellent verbal and written communicational skills next to an analytical mindset.

Participating Companies

Flow Traders and Optiver. For more information on the participating companies, please visit their company profiles on our website or by clicking on their logos below.

The Sales & Trading day will be held at the 9th of June 2021.

More info on the program will be coming soon.

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