About CarePay

CarePay is a leading Dutch/Kenyan company that has developed a financing and technology platform for health insurers. It makes it easier to buy and administer health insurance, which is improving healthcare access and affordability for millions of customers in Africa.

CarePay digitally connects public and private insurers, healthcare providers and customers. It provides a secure and transparent platform for digital payments and healthcare information.

By digitizing health insurance processes, CarePay is improving benefit management, payments for services and the efficiency of fund disbursements to hospitals and clinics. It makes it easier for health insurers to register customers, collect premiums and manage their provider panel. Meanwhile customers can use their phones to buy and manage a range of affordable, mobile-first health policies.

CarePay is helping its insurance clients to lower the cost of scheme management and operations. It also gives a detailed view of how benefits are being utilized and paid, which helps with decision-making on underwriting, investments, quality of care and epidemic responses.

CarePay has already made a huge impact since the commercial launch in 2016

  • Over 7 million people connected to CarePay
  • Over 4,000 healthcare providers on the platform
  • Over USD 26 million paid out for treatments from savings, insurance and employee schemes over the platform
  • Over 425,682 provider visits and treatments paid for using CarePay