Dynamic Credit

We are Dynamic Credit:

Dynamic Credit is an innovative asset management and direct lending firm.

Founded in 2003, Dynamic Credit has over 69,000 clients, € 10.5 billion of commitments and has offices in Amsterdam, New York and Jakarta.


Dynamic Credit started in New York as a fixed-income asset management firm, extending our services with an advisory practice in the following years, eventually becoming a full-service asset manager and direct lender. Dynamic Credit is organised along product lines: Multi Strategy Asset Management, Direct Lending Netherlands, Direct Lending Indonesia and LoanClear.

Within those product lines, our people tap into their expertise to service both investors and borrowers, and develop the software required to exceed expectations. Key Functions (like legal, compliance, risk, talent management, finance, IT, office management) make sure the organisation can function and grow in the most optimal way.


Dynamic Credit’s mission is to create a better match between savings and credit, for a more prosperous and sustainable society.

That match is made by creating investable products with good returns, while offering a faster, smoother and lower-cost product to borrowers.

Values & principles

At Dynamic Credit we positively challenge ideas, seeing the opportunities others don’t.

We anticipate the needs of our clients and aim to strike the perfect balance between interests of our investors and borrowers, always acting in a deeply ethical manner, being open in the way we connect with our customers.

 You hold your employer to high standards. In Dynamic Credit you find a company where:

  • We are working on exciting products and services, in the frontier of developments in the financial industry.
  • We want to understand complexity by making it transparent. Therefore we challenge and like to constantly be challenged.
  • Our mission is to create a better match between savings and credit for a more prosperous and sustainable society. At Dynamic Credit you help to make a change for the better.
  • You shape your own job. It’s about results, and you decide how to get there.
  • We have a true meritocratic way of working: all good inputs are welcome. We never want hierarchy interfering with the best way to get results.
  • We have fun: monthly drinks, Friday lunch sessions, Easter and Christmas lunches, office parties, sailing trips and alike.
  • We have an inclusive atmosphere: hires are made by the team, not management or HR. People are part of the family from the moment they start.
  • We work in a fast-paced environment: things happen at Dynamic Credit, and they happen fast. Buckle up for an interesting ride!