Altix is an innovative fintech investment platform that aims to make the world of private equity more accessible and transparent for a wider audience. Our approach is fully digital and relies on the expertise of a team of professionals with backgrounds in reputable investment firms, banks, and law firms (Egeria, AlpInvest, Strikwerda, Gate Invest, Rabobank, William Blair, and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek).

With an investment volume of approximately 50 million euros this year, we focus on selecting the best private equity funds for our clients. We are committed to providing a fully digital and transparent experience, enabling investors to easily access information and updates about their investments.

Our Vision on Private Equity

We believe in the tremendous potential of the private equity market in the coming decades. Our mission is to make this market more accessible and transparent for a larger group of people who previously did not have access to these investment opportunities by pooling the capital of smaller investors.

Thanks to the power of digitalization, people will soon be able to invest in private equity funds without having to possess large amounts of capital or maintain direct relationships with fund managers. This increased accessibility will encourage market participation and liquidity.

Our online platform allows investors to gather information quickly and easily about potential investments and make investment decisions. In addition, we continuously provide updates and insights on the performance of investments, ensuring that clients are always informed about their investments.

Growing with Altix

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