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Working as a strategy consultant

Gupta Strategists offers solutions to complex problems. Working at Gupta means you’ll be trained as an all-around strategy consultant. You’ll work on big projects with a small team, be continuously challenged and will develop into a strategic expert in the healthcare sector. Everything you do is with the goal of making our clients’ products and/or services better. Our recommendations are based on facts, supported by insights from our own (big data) research. Our work requires a flexible schedule, but comes with enormous job satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

How we work

During the week, you’ll work with a project team on site at the client. On Fridays, we work at different locations to meet with the entire team, help each other and share ideas. We also pay special attention to everyone’s personal development. That’s why you’ll talk to your mentor every six weeks and regularly receive training courses to sharpen your skills as a strategy consultant. You’ll also set development goals as part of every project, be evaluated twice a year, and get access to programs from excellent business schools.
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