Who we are

We are the Financial Study association Amsterdam

The Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) wants you to meet your future employer. We support students in making the step from university to the labor market. The FSA informs students about job opportunities via various online channels, but primarily and more importantly we facilitate face to face contact between students and employers. The FSA hosts a total of 21 events for its students. We focus our services on students with an affinity for finance, business, accountancy, consultancy or economics.

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Our main partners

FSA is founded in 1996 and started by organising financial events for students

Our portfolio of partner companies is unmatched in the Netherlands. We host events for the world’s largest investment banks, consultancy firms, asset managers, and multinationals. De Nederlandsche Bank, The Boston Consulting Group, Van Lanschot Kempen, ABN AMRO, and PwC as our main sponsors.

If you want to meet on of those companies or any of the other 100+ partner companies, the FSA is your best entrance to these firms. We are happy to help you make the next step in your career!

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