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Explore the untapped potential of Colombia – a rapidly growing economy with a young population, a strategic location as a trade hub in Latin America, modern infrastructure and stable political environment, making it the ideal destination for companies looking to expand or invest. Access to both domestic and international markets through trade agreements opens up new opportunities for growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Colombia’s success story, we deem the location to be a promising country for the FSA Research Project 2024.

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About us

Since 1996, the Research Project (FSA RP) shows extensive expertise in business consultancy and research in foreign countries. FSA RP focuses on Dutch companies who want to expand their business to upcoming economies and provides strategic and tailor-made solutions for organizations of all sizes. FSA RP offers high-quality research at cost price, tailor-made approach customized for your company and field research with locally verified data. For the 28th consecutive year, a group of highly motivated and ambitious students is bound for a country with an upcoming economy to research business opportunities for Dutch organizations. The country of choice for 2024 is Colombia.

Our purpose is to capture meaningful possibilities for companies to make a positive impact on international level and to improve business strategies that go beyond national borders.

The mission of the FSA Research Project is to sustain our customers with durable, meaningful, and actionable insights for future business strategies in order to accumulate to a succesful partnership and international experience.

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