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Kempen & Co and Kempen Capital Management have been part of Van Lanschot Kempen since 2007.

Kempen & Co, our merchant bank, operates in areas such as Corporate Finance and Securities. For our clients, we focus on a number of international core sectors, such as real estate and life sciences. Clients choose us for our independent advice, our deep sector knowledge and our result-oriented approach.

Kempen Capital Management, our asset manager, is a specialist asset manager that excels in a number of selected niche areas. As a long-term steward of growth for our clients, we aim to achieve excellent investment results.

The organisation was founded in 1903 by the Rotterdammer Arines Kempen and his younger partner Martinus de Lange (& Co). Kempen left the company as early as August 1914 (retirement). De Lange remained in the company and was succeeded by his son, who would lead the company until 1967.


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