Private Equity Cycle 2023-2024


Would you like to know what it is like to work at the highest level in strategy and finance? The Private Equity Cycle aims to connect talented students with the world of private equity and venture capital in the Netherlands by introducing them to a wide variety of prominent private equity (PE) firms. The Private Equity Cycle consists of six PE in-house days and two Private Equity Dinners with three firms present at each dinner.  Are you interested in experiencing what it is like to work in the dynamic field of private equity?  Seize the opportunity by applying for this unique event.

Note: you apply for the different days separately, and will be considered for the different days of the Private Equity Cycle, separately (by the participating firms). This means that you will only participate in a specific day of the Private Equity Cycle when you get selected by the company.


Who are we looking for

This project is designed for students from all backgrounds in the final stage of their Bachelor or Master’s study. An economics-related study background is not a requirement for participation in the event. Therefore, we welcome students from all fields of study who have an affinity with finance. Fluency in Dutch is required.

Mentha (in-house day)Tuesday, 7th of May
3i, Egeria and Rivean (PE-dinner)Wednesday, 8th of May
Mutares (in-house day)Friday, 10th of May
Main Capital Partners (in-house day)Monday, 13th of May
Gilde Healthcare (in-house day)Tuesday, 14th of May
HAL Investments (in-house day)Wednesday, 15th of May
Parcom, Freshstream and CIP (PE-dinner)Thursday, 16th of May
Gimv (in-house day)Friday, 17th of May

Application for a maximum of 5 days is allowed. You can find more information on all participating companies here.

Broad overview of each day’s program*:

*The program of each day will differ. This overview serves as a general idea of what to expect from an in-house day. Upon selection, you will receive further information of the individual companies with the schedule of the day.

How to apply?

To apply, hand in a merged PDF file of the following files:

1) Your high school grades

2) Your most recent bachelor’s grade transcript(s)

3) Your most recent master’s grade transcript(s) (if applicable)

4) Your CV

5) Fill in this form

Without any of these elements, the companies will not take your application into consideration. It is allowed to apply for a maximum of 5 days. Applicants who apply for more than five days will automatically be excluded from participating in the days that exceeded the limit of applications.

Additional Information

PE In-house day

During an in-house day, you will be visiting a PE firm’s office, while partaking in activities like cases, workshops and drinks. This gives you the chance to quickly learn more about a company’s culture, the work it does, and it will give you the 0pportunity to network with a firm’s employees.

PE dinner

During the PE dinner you will have dinner with 3 different private equity companies in Restaurant Hasta La Vista. During each course, you will switch tables to get to meet all participating companies.

What is Private Equity?

Private equity is a general term used to describe all kinds of funds that pool money from a group of investors in order to amass millions or even billions of dollars that are then used to acquire stakes in private companies.

Technically, venture capital is also private equity. But “PE” is often associated with funds looking for mature, revenue generating companies in need of some revitalization — maybe even some tough choices — in order to become worth much more.

Please note: Application for a maximum of 5 days is allowed. If you exceed the maximum, additional applications will not be considered



Event date

07/05/2024 - 17/05/2024

Fluency in Dutch required



Private Equity

Participating Companies

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