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At the Financial Study Association Amsterdam (FSA), we recognize our social responsibility to act sustainably and environmentally conscious. In line with our environmental policy, we have engaged in a significant and special partnership with Holtara. Holtara is a leading ESG consultancy with extensive expertise in carbon footprint analysis and reduction strategies. This partnership marks an important step in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

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Why is it important to analyze our emissions? 

As an association, we hold a social position in society. This means that we too must take responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment. By analyzing our emissions, we gain a clear picture of our current situation and can develop effective strategies to reduce our ecological footprint.

Our partnership with



Our collaboration with Holtara is the first step in a multi-year trajectory in which we aim for significant environmental goals. The analysis we conduct with Holtara’s expertise forms the basis of our long-term strategy. This analysis will be conducted according to the following guidelines:

  1. Mapping our current emissions.
  2. Formulating a strategy to minimize these emissions.
  3. Implementing the strategy.
  4. Ultimately aiming to become ‘carbon neutral’.

In addition to focusing on our sustainable efforts, we believe it is crucial to collaborate with Holtara to explore opportunities for enhancing our social and governance standards starting next year.

 Principles and Guidelines 

Our approach adheres to the GHG Protocol, the global standard for measuring greenhouse gas emissions. It strives for faithful, accurate, and equitable representation of an organisation’s emissions categorised into three scopes. We report emissions using the Operational Consolidation Approach, aiming to incorporate 100% of our activities. Nonetheless, emission sources may be excluded based on the following criteria:

  • Low materiality (negligible effect on the footprint)
  • Low data quality, integrity, or accessibility of information

By adhering to these principles, we ensure that our environmental impact assessments are thorough and accurate, guiding us towards our sustainability goals.

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