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At the Financial Study Association Amsterdam (FSA), we are proud of our partnership with Stichting Move. Move is committed to promoting equal opportunities, civic education, and talent development among children and young people in the Netherlands. Their mission and impact align perfectly with our own values and goals. 

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Our collaboration with

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At FSA, we aim to make a positive contribution to the equal opportunities of children and young people. Move helps bridge the societal gap between groups from different social and cultural backgrounds. We believe that encounters between diverse groups of people lead to a more inclusive society. When we get to know each other better, mutual understanding is fostered, individual opportunities are enhanced, and the societal divide is narrowed. 

Since 2021, our board has voluntarily participated in one of Stichting Move’s projects annually. These projects, lasting three to six months, involve children and students working together to generate and implement ideas to improve their neighborhood. It is crucial that, during this process, children and young people learn to take ownership and responsibility for both the conception and execution of their projects.