Meet the … Multinational Days committee 2018!

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The FSA Multinational Days are coming up and as we may believe the committee’s excitement, the event is going to be one to remember. But what will actually happen on the 23rd and 24th of January and who should absolutely apply for the Multinational Days 2018? The Marketing Committee of the FSA invited the MND committee – Maxime Lubbers (24) and Lars Dieperink (24) – over for some new year’s drinks to tell us more about their project!

To start, could you shortly explain the purpose of Multinational Days?

“The Multinational Days are an interesting opportunity for students to expand their network and job possibilities! During the Multinational Days we will visit two major multinationals with a group of 20 or 30 students. On the 23rd a bus will bring us to one of the beer factories of Ab Inbev where the students will be provided with a lunch, information about the company and career opportunities, and an exclusive tour and tastery in the Hertog Jan brewery. Last but not least, we will close the day with informal drinks to provide students to ask questions to recruiters and trainees. The second day, on the 24th, we will head towards the office of Tata Steel where we will work on a case and meet Tata Steels’ current young professionals, trainees, and managers. Even the CFO of the company will be present to inform the participants on what finance looks like at Tata Steel. On both days we will learn more about how a life as a Multinational Enterprise employee looks like.”

What brings the responsibility of organizing Multinational Days 2018 to your own professional table?

Maxime: “I just finished my master’s in Entrepreneurship and I am now following a second master in Digital Business. As we actually visit the companies, this event provides me with insights on how things work in a multinational organization. What I like most about the Multinational Days is that the event is not like ‘standard’ in-house days with just a presentation and case. In a few weeks, we are actually getting to see, taste and experience a bit of AbInbev’s and Tata Steel’s core business, which was also a lot of fun to organize with the companies.”

Lars: “This year I am pursuing a master’s degree in Finance, specializing in Corporate Finance. I applied for an FSA committee because I wanted to broaden my view and knowledge in the field of finance. What I like most about Multinational Days is its informality in comparison to other events. I really liked the cooperation with the companies. They were really interested in our view on how to create a program that would be attractive to students, which led to exciting schedules for the 23rd and 24th!”

Who should absolutely apply for Multinational Days 2018?

“All ambitious third-year Bachelor and Master’s students who can see themselves work for organizations that are multifaceted and promise exciting career prospects… Or students that are just very curious about how it is like to work for an MNE! Students from all different kind of fields are welcome, however, affinity with business is certainly relevant. An important note by the way: the in-house day at AB InBev is available for both Dutch and international students, the Tata Steel event is for Dutch speaking students only.”

We match the description you gave, why should we join?

“By experiencing days like this you will get a better insight into how things work at a Multinational Enterprise. From our own previous experiences we can say that speaking to young professionals, trainees, managers but also other ambitious students, will help you in figuring out what you want. And, in a best-case scenario, you meet the employer of your dreams!”

What do we have to do to apply?

“Just upload your CV before January 9th and kick-start your professional career early in 2018 ;)!”

Check www.multinationaldays.nl for more information about the program and the applying form.

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