Research Project 2024


Explore the untapped potential of Colombia – a rapidly growing economy with a young population, a strategic location as a trade hub in Latin America, modern infrastructure and stable political environment, making it the ideal destination for companies looking to expand or invest. Access to both domestic and international markets through trade agreements opens up new opportunities for growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Colombia’s success story, we deem the location to be a promising country for the FSA Research Project 2024.

Fsa research project 2024 brochure

Why us?


Company-specific research

A tailored product encompassing investment and establishment opportunities, business partner identification, competition analysis, and outsourcing/offshoring opportunities.


High quality

Ensured by the following:

  • Careful selection of participating students;
  • Professional guidance/training from renowned consultancy companies;
  • Advisory board consisting of esteemed professors from UvA and VU;
  • Track record: in 25 years, we have completed over 150 consultancy cases for over 100 firms.


  • Maintain the highest level of professional integrity.
  • Enhance the performance of our customers significantly.
  • Build an exceptional atmosphere for extraordinary young professionals.


Get access to the FSA network, with 8400+ connected students and 100+ partner companies. The Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) is the largest financial study association of the Benelux.

Advisory board

800 Research Hours

With 800 research hours specifically allocated to your company and focused on providing valuable insights. All while operating as a non-profit organization, with entirely voluntary student participation.

Track record

Presence at Location

Our research consists of 5 weeks of field research in Colombia. This gives the advantage to directly speak with local businesses, customers, suppliers and potential partners and visit plants and factories. This allows exclusive insights into multiple industries.

Get in touch with our consultants


  • Send us your research proposal
  • Make sure to mention your name, company name, and telephone number
  • We will make sure to reply within five working days
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