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Explore the untapped potential of Colombia – a rapidly growing economy with a young population, a strategic location as a trade hub in Latin America, modern infrastructure and stable political environment, making it the ideal destination for companies looking to expand or invest. Access to both domestic and international markets through trade agreements opens up new opportunities for growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Colombia’s success story, we deem the location to be a promising country for the FSA Research Project 2024.

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Colombia is a thriving market-based economy that serves as a pivotal economic, commercial, financial, and logistical hub for South America. With a well-developed industrial base and its strategic location, Colombia stands as an enticing destination for exporters and investors. The nation boasts a diverse economy, a highly skilled workforce, extensive air routes, and recognition as a regional financial center. According to the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business Index,” Colombia has made significant strides in recent years, surging upwards in global rankings. Furthermore, the government’s proactive measures in business reforms, such as simplifying the process of starting a business, enhancing access to electricity, and streamlining property registration, have effectively tackled issues like corruption and policy inconsistencies. This has instilled confidence in businesses operating in Colombia, thanks to the supportive and stable business environment the country offers. Colombia has also garnered a substantial inflow of foreign direct investment, particularly in sectors like renewable energy, cementing its status as a dynamic market with considerable growth potential.

Promising Sectors

In Colombia, several promising industries beckon investment, including agriculture, tourism, and technology. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Colombia’s economy, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. The sector encompasses a diverse range of crops such as coffee, flowers, bananas, and cut flowers. The government actively encourages investment in this sector, presenting ample opportunities for businesses to engage. Tourism is another thriving industry in Colombia, renowned for its breathtaking natural wonders, including the Amazon Rainforest and the pristine beaches of the Caribbean coast. The government places great emphasis on advancing the tourism sector, creating numerous opportunities for businesses, from the construction of hotels and resorts to offering travel services. Lastly, Colombia’s financial sector is well-established, hosting various banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions. This sector has seen rapid expansion, fueled by innovations like mobile banking and the drive towards greater financial inclusion.

The Netherlands & Colombia

Over the past decade, the trade partnership between Colombia and the Netherlands has experienced remarkable growth. In 2012, the Netherlands ranked as Colombia’s significant trading partner within the European Union, boasting a total trade volume of approximately €520 million. By 2020, this figure had more than doubled, surging to a total trade volume exceeding €1.2 billion. This surge in trade relations between Colombia and the Netherlands can be attributed to robust economic ties, a conducive business environment, and amplified investment and trade activities between the two nations. This mutually beneficial relationship is poised to endure as a robust and prosperous partnership in the years ahead.

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